wrought iron portal with olive tree

Photo credit Didier Bourgeois

History, process

Blacksmith, skilled metalworker, objects designer

Atelier Rouge Cerise ensued from a curiosity for the forge.
Self-taught man, at the beginning i forged to repair family vineyard tools.
I spent hours by this fireplace : i was fascinating by this glowing metal, malleable to ideas.
I love my workshop because it’s like a backdrop with vines, trees and flowers all around. Mont Ventoux is my perspective and my convergence line is the Midi sun. This place preserves my imagination and my temporality.
Here, i’ve developed step by step my ironwork savoir-faire till becoming a recognized craftsman.
Then, i’ve got my head around other materials features to be able to fully explore objects design.

A tailor-made approach

Reading and arts inspire me. They are fertile ground for personal creations that can be sold.
I’m careful about our meeting, attentive to your project to bring unique and custom piece to life.
Private buyer, architect, interior designer or artist, i’m attentive in every detail for each demand, from the drawing to the fitting that i handle myself.
I like challenges and i’m able to solve most of technicals constraints in an aesthetic way thanks to my experience, tirelessly dedicated to Beauty and Excellence.

Look forward to meet you, in France or abroad, not matter because projects are limitless…


Workshop pictures - forge, drop hammer, wrought iron gate, origami shelf

Photo credit Gilles Leimdorfer


Workshop in motion

Presentation film

Selection of the International Film Festival for Fine Craft 2020 http://fifma.com
Film director : Emmanuel Fleury http://www.emmanuelfleury.com
Music : Kalimaé Marquis Ka Ma Music
Subtitles : Les Z’ – Marianne Rabineau

Midi en France report

National France 3 TV in 2014